Social Media Intern (Remote)


Alonesy, a 501(c) nonprofit, is seeking 5-6 volunteers to take on the task of developing our social media footprint. Alonesy wants passionate and dedicated interns to build our brand and help our company reach its targeted audiences. The role of Social Media is crucial in nonprofits such as Alonesy to expand our influence so more struggling teenagers can be helped, especially during times like the pandemic. We want someone who can create interesting, eye-catching designs. Being able to optimize our impact on our targeted age group is the pinnacle skill for this position.

  • Previous experience managing social media accounts is preferred but not strictly required. However, some background in social media is required.
  • Preferred volunteers for this position have data analyst skills such as tracking and understanding social media trends and their effects on teenagers.
  • A background or experience with graphic design is a plus, but again, not required.
  • Any previous experience should be clearly documented, including the name of the social media account, account’s growth under your leadership, and examples of your work, if possible.

This role offers an opportunity to promote to Social Media Director and manage a team, based on consistent successful performance. 

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