Alone in the Crowd


Danielle Colasacco

Date Added

February 8, 2022

Alone in the Crowd

Feeling alone and on one’s own, yet surrounded by people in your childhood home.

How can I feel darkness when the sun is out shining?

Why do I feel pain, as if I am barely surviving?

It's like nobody gets me. Like I am lost and cannot be found.

As if I have dug myself a hole, deep into the ground.

The world feels so silent; not a voice to be heard.

Just me and myself without spoken words.

There is no doubt that life can be grim.

But what makes it much worse is when you feel you don't fit in.

Alone in my mind, alone in my thoughts

I am constantly feeling the pain of distraught.

I try to keep going; to be the best I can be.

Yet I continue to wonder if anyone will ever understand me for me.

Despite these feelings of being alone and unseen

I realize this is just a part of being a teen.

These feelings won't last. There are good things to come.

So when things get hard, don’t let yourself run.

Do you ever feel alone? Completely by yourself? Yet you look around and are surrounded by so many people? This poem is meant to depict those feelings we may experience when we are alone: misunderstood, unwanted, or as if we don’t fit in.  Everyone feels these things at some point in their life, but what we rarely acknowledge is that these feelings often result from a distortion in how we think others perceive us.  

When we have these negative feelings of isolation and despair, we must force ourselves to realize that we are never truly alone. Although it may not be apparent at the moment, there is always someone out there who cares for us, and someone out there who is experiencing the same feelings we are. It is important to realize that feeling these emotions is just one part of life's journey and acknowledging how we feel in a given moment can help us to move past these difficult times. Instead of giving life to negative thoughts, we must choose to actively fight them and recognize that these feelings of being alone and misunderstood won’t last forever. In doing so, we will realize that when we search hard enough, there are people out there who are willing to try and understand how we feel, appreciate our company, and are able to value the unique aspects that make us who we are.

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