Alonesy App


Baker Fox

Date Added

September 11, 2021

The Alonesy app is a simple and helpful app that allows anybody to easily sign up and engage with the Alonesy mentorship program.  Making an Alonesy account is extremely straightforward, and can be done within a matter of minutes.  

Once on the app, mentees can create their own virtual profile, which then allows Alonesy to give a percentage match with all of Alonesy’s mentors.  Mentees can reach out to any and all mentors on the app, however, and so nobody is limited in who they can ask to be a mentor.  

Mentors undergo Alonesy’s training curriculum and background checks, to ensure that all mentorship pairings are of a high and dependable standard.  Supervisor mentors, all of whom are licensed clinical social workers and board-certified psychologists, oversee the proceedings of the Alonesy mentorship program as well, further ensuring the quality of the Alonesy staff.  The quality and privacy of the mentor program is paramount.  Homeland security conducts regular tests on our cybersecurity, and any and all data from both app users and Alonesy is protected by Project Galileo.  

The Alonesy app is amazing, because once a mentee has connected with a mentor, everything from messaging, to phone calls, to video calls, is all supported in one application.  The app is easy, free, and allows mentors and mentees to engage freely, anytime and anywhere.