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Samantha Luken

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December 20, 2021

If I was to highlight one of the biggest problems of the 2019 pandemic, it would be mental health struggles. I've heard of so many individuals struggling, and I myself have even suffered significantly because of Covid-19. 

It's easy to say, "Buck up kiddo," and expect everything to be okay, but the truth is, this pandemic has had a HUGE impact everybody, but specifically on young adults. Not only has this impacted your ability to participate in sports and walk across a stage for graduation, but it's impacted your social life--your ability to connect and create meaningful relationships with other people your age. That's terrible! What's more is that sometimes school is an escape for you--a place to escape your home life; this may not be the case for you specifically, but for many adolescents, it is. 

I'm not going to tell you, "It'll be okay," or "we'll get through this." Because it eventually will be, and we eventually will get through it, but that doesn't mean that the journey there will be pleasant and full of sunshine and rainbows. It sucks. No words of wisdom, vaccines, therapists, family or friends will necessarily make it all better; the best we can do is try. 

If you're feeling run down or burnt out, my advice to you is to become involved in activities that typically assist many who are struggling or stressed to the max: exercise, drink plenty of water, make sure you rest, find ways to relax or activities you enjoy (or other positive coping skills), talk to your support systems, use Skype/Zoom/other video platform OFTEN, get some Vitamin D, talk to a person you trust about how you're struggling, and make sure you tell others you care for them. Positive affirmations create positive relationships. So remember, YOU'VE GOT THIS. 

Bear in mind that not all of these things will help everyone, but I'm hoping in some way, they help to alleviate some of what you've been feeling during these tough times. Slowly but surely, we'll get through this. 

Stay safe and healthy, 


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