Mental Health Day


Christine Cruz

Date Added

September 11, 2021

Sometimes we overwork ourselves with the amount of activities we participate in. School, work, sports, and volunteering all become overwhelming if we don’t give ourselves regular breaks in between the different activities. Mental health days are an important practice that we should incorporate into our daily lives. They can help avoid burnout and allow  us to regenerate the energy needed to carry out day to day activities. There are a number of signs that can help distinguish if you need to take a mental health day or not. 

Firstly, you may not be getting enough rest. Multiple studies have concluded sleep plays a role in our cognitive and emotional functions. Second is, if you are more anxious than usual, taking a mental day can help you reset and destress for the oncoming days. Lastly, take a mental health day if you are feeling disconnected. Taking a mental health day can allow you to become connected again with the people in your social circle. Mental health days can play a vital role in improving your psychological and emotional health. If feelings do not subside after your mental health days, then it is always good to reach out to mental health professionals.   The movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off depicts the endless capabilities of our mental health days. I’m not saying to go on Ferrari joy rides or create a show-stopping appearance in a parade, but to enjoy the day doing your favorite activities or enjoying the day with friends and family might do it justice. For me, I simply enjoy going out with friends and taking walks around LA; I think exercise in combination with being social has aided me to reduce any stress that was affecting me. Furthermore, I have also enjoyed going on mini trips with my family just so I could get a change of scenery. The overall point of a mental health day is to alleviate any stressors that are occurring in your life. Remind yourself that mental health days are necessary and allowed. Maybe next time you have your mental health day you can watch a movie, like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, read a book, or just plainly enjoy the things you usually don’t have the time for.