Website Developer (Remote)


Alonesy, a 501(c) nonprofit, is seeking a volunteer to take on the task of updating and maintain our website while helping Alonsey develop a sophisticated new app. The role of Website Designer is crucial in nonprofits such as Alonesy to expand our influence so more struggling teenagers can be helped, especially during times like the pandemic; a well-function website and app are crucial to expanding our influence. Alonsey will work around your schedule to ensure a comfortable work schedule.

  • Previous experience managing or building websites is preferred.
  • Preferred volunteers for this position have website building and/or coding skills.
  • The ability to communicate and work with different groups is a necessary skill for this position.
  • A background or some experience in computer science is a plus but not required.
  • Any previous experience should be documented, including the name of the website account and examples of your work, if possible.

This position will remain entirely remote even when COVID-19 restrictions are fully lifted

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