A Change in Perspective


Persephone Hernandez

Date Added

September 11, 2021

At work, my manager was having trouble bringing in new employees from Indeed. For some time, he had to work his current employees triple shifts and struggled to take care of the elderly residents. He was listing the job role as a Dining Room Server. The solution? He changed the name to Dietary Aid. Almost immediately, people were submitting applications and, by the next week, there were five interviews in line.
I pondered on this for a moment, reflecting on how I could utilize this technique with my own shortcomings. Essentially, this showed me that small changes in perspective can help with self-esteem issues and problem-solving. Usually, when we hit a roadblock, our first instinct is to give up. My advice is to look at things from a different perspective or tackle the problem differently. If you focus on only one option, you are inadvertently ignoring every other possibility. We must adjust our understanding of how we view the world in order to make the best decision. Confirmation bias, according to Cherry, is when we pay more attention to things that confirm our existing beliefs and, incredibly, we can train our minds to work against ourselves.
This bias is universal and can take form in self-talk. When we say we are annoying, the brain will highlight specific moments to reinforce this idea. A simple change in perspective, such as saying I’m very energetic, can make the world a difference. The silver lining of these negative biases that we can learn to manifest what we want in life.
I have a challenge for you: give yourself one compliment a day! It could be as simple as looking in the mirror and saying “You’re doing a good job.” Soon enough, your mind will start to believe it and dreams will come into fruition.